Ventura Publications Two more Photo Recon. Spitfire “Nitty Gritty” details videos

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Subject: Ventura Publications Two more Photo Recon. Spitfire “Nitty Gritty” details videos
Date: November 28th 2023

Hello everyone,

On the new YouTube channel I’ve put up two more Spitfire “Nitty Gritty” details videos.

Each one also has colour side views of the aircraft plus historical photos and the  “Nitty Gritty” details info to help add detail to models etc.

The Early PR Spitfires…

is a story of an idea whose time had come in 1939 and 1940. Small light fighters clothed in blue paint and polished for speed, made to fly faster, higher and further to bring back valuable photographic intelligence.


The Spitfire PR “Type D”…

is the only version of the Spitfire individually discussed in Churchill’s war time Cabinet Papers, it’s extreme range and information gathering potential was that important. The “Type D, known as the PR Mk IV from December 12th 1941 onwards, is THE most significant version in the development of Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires.


As a reminder if you have not already seen it. Here is a link to the story on the very first “emergency production” Mk.IX Spitfires. As the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”…



Malcolm Laird

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